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Turning her head to the side in order to look over at both Amy and Rouge now, the mature woman then soon voiced out to the two love making girls, "Breakfast will be r-ready very soon, g-girls.

Maribelle Collection of pictures: Yes she has a boy named leo with manic the hedgehog. Sexy tits at work. But most of the time, hints are given. Random "Rouge X Topaz: February 17, at I'm not saying she doesn't but it's possible. Silver may have a small crush on her. Lesbian rouge the bat. Rouge is a villan character in the games and usually works with shadow and eggman sometimes in hopes to secretly trick them and go after the chaos emerald for herself. February 28, at Curiously watching the two girls hugging and touching on one another's behinds like lovers, Cream honestly felt like all she could really do right at the moment was just stare at them both in shock.

When the young bunny focused and truly thought about it all, practically every girl that she knew was a slut to some sort of an extent in their life. Tonight was just going so smoothly for the happy female duo, but little did Cream know that somebody else was soon coming on over to the apartment complex. I'm quite surprised how few straight pics are out there - and how many of Mikā€¦ character: Page 1" Comments. Red head with huge natural tits. The pink hedgehog girl's loud sounding sighs of sexual delight was greatly muffled by both of Rouge's own thick and fat ass cheeks, though.

I like Rouge the bat! You broke the final milestone goal on paetron. Rouge is white, but you can unlock a costume for her in Sonic Adventure 2 with black fur.

She is most definitely his best and probably only friend. I'm getting right to the fucking point of things, got it? Jet seems to show of in front of Rouge in it saying " hmph we wil take the cash prize AND the treasure just YOU watch" and also shows off his leadership with Shadow not happy but after the race Jet cools it with Rouge and gives up with Wave and Storm unhappy and Jet sad that he is leaving.

Games Sonic the Hedgehog. There will be, if you were in the sunday stream, you could see Spaz has already lined page 2! Why was rouge the bat made? This is really hot. Feeling all too curious about what was going on, Cream then slowly got off of the sofa as she now started to walk her way over towards Amy, the pink hedgehog opening up the front door in haste as she calmly approached over to her.

February 15, at As of yet, Rouge has not been stated to have feelings for any character with the exception of her crush on Knuckles. He has shown to have slight feelings for her, but is irritated that she constantly uses him to get the master emerald.

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That being said, the fact that both Amy and Rouge are girls did not even bother Cream in the slightest way possible.

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Kudos to Spaz, Im really looking forward to the rest of this comoc. Sonic does like Rouge! Why does Rouge the Bat flirt with Sonic? Is rouge the bat ugly? She also helps sonic and the gang save the world from Dr.

OverWatch Yuri and Solos of pictures: Dose rouge the bat love sonic? Enjoy the perks that guest users can't. Rachel aldana tits. I'm not saying she doesn't but it's possible. Rouge is white, but you can unlock a costume for her in Sonic Adventure 2 with black fur. Make Money with Automatic Online Trading! Not that its a bad thing though.

Overtime, it almost seemed like the two girls forgot that Cream was even still standing here right next to them in the first place, but they both knew about her presence.

Sort of like a shirt not really. Does Rouge the bat have parents? It was nighttime, a warm Friday night, Cheese the Chao was sleeping somewhere, and the young bunny was merely hanging out with her best friend, said best friend being Amy Rose, inside of the pink hedgehog girl's neatly clean apartment building; both Amy and Cream were wearing their usual outfits, by the way.

She like jewels, knuckles, shadow BFF!!! The girls did their regular boxercise practices, played a few board games, ate some pepperoni pizzas, and they even watched a couple of cheesy romance movies together, too.

No pictures were found. Lesbian rouge the bat. They fell on each other and kissed, so yes I think they fell in love after that. What colour have rouge the bat on her eyes? Just something to consider. Sexy lesbian porn youtube. No, Sonic the Hedgehog likes his friends that care about him, though Knuckles has a small crush on Rouge the Bat. He may not love her, but he certainly does care for her. Who is rouge the bat crushing on? February 25, at Does Rouge the Bat like Shadow the Hedgehog?

Answering this question has been locked due to vandalism and answers relating to opinions.

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