How To Remove Windows 8/8.1 Login Password Without Using Any Software or Application

By | April 5, 2017

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Windows 8/8.1 Login Password removal is a quite difficult task for a computer user.Most of us are using windows computer 8/8.1 nowadays. If you forget your login password for window 8/8.1 computer then you don’t need to worry about that. you do not need to call any computer technician or don’t need to bring your computer to any can fix this by yourself.

Windows 8/8.1 Login Password removal is a totally free process that you can use by following these easy and simple steps.So I am going to share very simple and easy trick with you in order to remove your windows 8/8.1 login password and these steps you can use for your Tablet also so here is the following steps –

Windows 8/8.1 Login Password  Removal:

1: Login to your machine
2: On login window at the right-hand bottom corner you must have an icon
3: click on that icon
4: After clicking on the icon you must have three options over there among three choose restart option
5: After choosing restart to hold the shift until you have next screen
6: After that, you must have a screen with the title of “Choose an Option” if you don’t get this screen then repeat step 5
7: On “Choose an Option” Screen you must have four Different options among four please click on “Troubleshoot”
8: Once you click on that option you will have next screen where it will ask you to reset your PC
9: Once you confirm then it will ask you wheater you want to reset one device or all device
10: Then you have to choose All Device
11: After that again you have two more option among them click on “just remove my files ”
12: Once you click on that option then it will confirm you to reset your computer and once you confirm then it will start resetting your computer.
13: You have to wait for next 10-15 minutes.
14: Once the process is complete you will have a setup window where you have to provide information of your and complete the setup process.
15: After filling all the information you will have your computer back.
16: Please make sure you have backed up all of your data files because this will reset your computer completely.

Windows Defender For Windows 8/8.1



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