Run Commands for Windows Computer User

By | April 11, 2017

Run Commands for windows computer are the shortcut commands. windows computer has multiple inbuilt tools and you can access these tools directly by using run commands using run commands you can save your time.

So I am going to tell some of the useful run commands. you can use these commands to access different feature of your have to use commands from “Run” Box.

Note: If you don’t know how to access Run Box then, press “Win+R” on your keyboard to access Run Windows

Run Commands for windows computer:


1:’\’ if you would like to access “C:” drive of your PC then you Can use ‘\’ command to access it directly from Run Box
2:’.’ This Command will directly open the home folder of the current user. Home folder contains other folders like downloads, documents, pictures and etc.
3:’..’ when you run this command in Run Box it will directly take you to the user folder on the “C:” drive.
4:”calc” if you want to use windows calculator quickly then you can use this command to access the calculator easily.
5:”control” By using this command in Run box you can access the control panel of your system quickly.
6:”cmd” if you want to access command prompt of your system then you can use this command in Run box.
7:”regedit ” this command is used to open the registry editor of your windows computer
8:”msconfig” this command will bring up system configuration window for you where you can edit different things like boot options, services, startup options and etc.
9:”wuapp” With the help of this command you can manage your windows updates.
10:”firewall.cpl” this command you can use to manage the firewall setting of your system.
11:”taskmgr” Execution of this command will bring up task manager windows in front of you.
12:”perfmon” If you want to check the performance of your computer from performance monitor then you can execute this command in Run Box
13:”timedate.cpl” with the help of this command you can manage date and time of your system.
14:”iexplore” you can access the internet explore by running this command in Run Box.
15:”notepad” By using this command you can open notepad quickly.

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