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By | May 16, 2017


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In my last article, I have written about PayPal account signup for personal and business users.In this post, I am going to tell you about Paypal Referral Program.Here You can find out how you can up to $100 from your PayPal account. Before going further let me tell you this program is only available for us PayPal account holder. People from outside America can not take benefit of this program.

For those who don’t know about PayPal, it’s an online service that is used for multiple transactions.You can pay bills, online shopping, money transfer and etc. by PayPal.Paypal referral program is also called PayPal affiliate programs.
In the past when PayPal was launched, they had a referral program for the new customer. They used to offer $20 to open an account with PayPal. And if you referred someone then you also got $20 as your referral bonus. But after some time, they had discontinued this affiliate program. Because PayPal became very popular at that time.

But in recent year there are many online tools available in the market, that are providing same services as PayPal.Paypal alternatives are increasing very fast, that’s why PayPal is again offering the same thing as they used to do.

PayPal referral program: get $5 for every referral

Paypal Affiliate Program only works for American citizens. Only us account holder can use this affiliate program.If you are us citizen and own a PayPal account then, this program will surely work for you.Before starting this lets me tell you a very important thing about this referral program.if someone is joining PayPal with your referral code then, they also get $5 as joining bonus.but to get this amount a new user has to make an eligible transaction within 14 days of signup.

Here “Eligible Transactions” means complete online transactions of at least $5 by using the PayPal account. In details, the transaction should not be canceled, refunded or reversed by the seller or user.

Paypal Referral Link:


In order to get your referral link first, you have to download PayPal app from the app store.please make sure you are a USA PayPal account holder because this program is only available in the USA.
After downloading the app please install it. After installation please follow these simple steps-

1: log in to Paypal Mobile App.
2: Select gear button on right-hand top
3: Then select “invite a friend and earn $5 ”
4: After That Select “share an invite ” . or you can invite your friends directly from “choose contacts”.

If you want to post your referral link on a website, then select “share an invite & select your email ” and send it. you can share this referral link with your email contacts also.
Before using this PayPal affiliate programs please make sure that you are inviting your personal contacts only. Because you can not post this link publicly. If you do so then it’s against the policies.and while referring someone you have to tell them first that you will get a referral amount, if they use your referral link. because if you don’t tell them then you won’t get any amount.
Once again I am mentioning this program is only for Americans people, not for other countries. It’s good chance for Americans to earn up to $100 with PayPal.

PayPal Account Setup 

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