How to unsend an email from your Gmail Account

By | May 23, 2017


Source: Google

While sending emails it usually happens, we send the wrong email to the wrong person.Like an abusive email to your boss or parents. If this thing is ever happening to you and because of that you lost your job or respect. Then don’t worry in this article I am going to tell you how to unsend an email. Before going further let me tell you this feature will only work in Gmail.

As we all knows Gmail is a very popular email service provider. It’s a google product. Gmail has a very good feature of “undo send ” email. undo send feature is now an official part of Gmail account. By using this feature you can stop your sent email to reach an unwanted recipient. Gmail’s undo send feature allows you a certain timeframe to stop sending an email. This feature halts your email for few seconds only, it’s mean you have to be very quick to stop an send email.
Let’s see how this feature work and how you can use it to your email.

How to unsend an email by using “undo send” feature-

here are the steps that you have to follow in order to use this feature in your Gmail account.

1: first go to “”.
2: Sign in to your Gmail account with Gmail id and password.
3: After that click on Setting(gear button) at the right-hand top.
4: In Setting Menu, hit on setting option.
5: In setting window select general tab at the top.
6: In General tab look for “undo send”  feature.
7: click the check box to enable undo send feature.
8: You can set cancellation time from there also.
9: You can choose cancellation time up to 30 seconds.
10: After that scroll down and click on save button.
11: You can test this feature by sending a test mail.
12: For testing click on compose mail on the left-hand side of Gmail.
13: After composing email click on send.
14: Then you will have a message at the top “Your message has been sent. Undo. View Message.”
15: You can stop this email from being sent from undo link.
16: Gmail Will stop this mail and display it in front of you.and if you want to make any changes then you can also do it.
17: Either you can discard this mail and compose a new one.

This is a very good and useful feature in Gmail. But do remember you can prevent your mail to being sent for a short timeframe. This feature allows you to unsend an email to a wrong person.

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