Chrome Tricks To Make Your Browsing Faster & Easier

By | April 13, 2017

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Chrome Tricks are very useful for every internet user.These tricks of Google chrome will make your internet surfing easier.In this article, I am going to tell your some of the most useful features of google chrome browsers.

Chrome Tricks For Fast Browsing.

1: Incognito Window in Chrome-

incognito windows don’t keep track of your browsing history and it doesn’t store cooking from your browsing history. If you like privacy then this feature will surely work for you. you can access this window from the three dots at the right-hand top of your chrome browser or you can use press “ctrl+shift+n”.

2: Search a word or phrase in one click-

if you are reading an article or news online and you want to find out the meaning of particular then you don’t need to check on google you can simply select that word or phrase and right click on that then you will have an option to search on google.

3: Open Closed tabs in chrome –

while using google chrome if you closed your opened tabs accidentally then don’t worry I am going to tell you a short trick to open that closed tabs again.Press “ctrl+shift+t” in order to open recently closed tabs.

4: Open favorite website/page at Start-

if you want to see your favorite website or page when the browser opens then you can use this trick. you have to go the setting of chrome then click on startup and put the URL of your favorite website or page either you can type chrome://settings/startup at the top of your chrome.

5: User Profile for Your Kids-

As a parent, if you want to know what your kids are searching or looking on the internet then this feature will surely work for you. In chrome, you can create multiple accounts for your kids and you can monitor their surfing activity.
In order to create a profile for your kid you have to go to setting then person then add a person . while creating profile please make sure you to click on the box next to “Control and view the websites this person visits from(your email account)” and then click add. Once you set up their account with your own account then google will send you details of your kids browsing history.Once you get, then you can block some websites or can also make some changes for your kids.

6: Hidden Game in Chrome –

while browsing in chrome if you lost your internet suddenly then you can play a game in chrome. because it allows you to play a game when you don’t have the internet access . and you don’t need to do anything it will come on your screen automatically

7: How to set download folder in chrome-

while browsing if you want to download something and you want to save that in a particular folder. Then you have to select that folder as download folder.And in order to change go to setting then click on the Advanced Setting tab, and go down to downloads. There you can select the location where you want to download the files. you can choose any location from there.

8: Page Scroll Down or Up using keyboard-

if you want to scroll up your page in chrome.Then you don’t need to use a mouse you press “Spacebar” to scroll down any web page. And for scroll up press “Spacebar+Shift”.

9: Shortcut keys to delete browsing history-

if you want to delete browsing history of your chrome. Then you don’t need to go to different tabs you can simply press”ctrl+shift+delete” at the same time. It will bring up a screen in front of you from where you can delete your browsing history.

10: Create a shortcut to your favorite web page-

if you want to visit a website frequently then you don’t need to open that again and again. You can simply drag the link to that web page to your desktop and it will create a shortcut for that.

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